white noise (#18 of 30)

watch your lips to discern what you say
even though my ears can hear the sounds
i’ve got no clarity
it’s like swimming in the ocean
and trying to feel the sun
you wonder why i never call
and only seldom write
the fewer things we have in common
sooner you’re out of mind
out of sight

internally i paid the price
for opening my heart and letting you inside
whenever i found the courage to ask you if you’d stay
never once did you nod
but thrice you denied
soul for sale with these antique things
i used to claim as memories
the radio has gone offline
leaving only behind
white noise

analog watch with a shattered crystal
missing the second hand
can only measure the minutes of time gone by
with the slowing beat of my heart
dust-covered diary under the bed
next to some faded greeting cards
a mateless holey sock
and my aged and withered hope
filled the pages
with dreams i never had


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