moonlight ramblin’

Supermoon shining brightly
Spotlightin’ my corners and closets
Sendin’ all the little spiders
Scurryin’ away
Part-time predator emergin’
Jaws as wide as the abyss
For some prey
I’ve been keepin’ secrets
I’ve been tellin’ lies
I offered you the delusion
You wanted so badly to realize
Supermoon risin’
Turnin’ the tides from low to high
Pushin’ me to take the reins
Of this runaway train wreck
Of self-inspired blues
Midnight half past gone and I’m yearnin’
To set the sky aflame
Thunder god callin’ my name
Yet here I sit
Glass full of pain on the rocks
Smoking the herb of unshed regrets
Hey there supermoon shinin’ on me
Can you make me a star?
Spell my future with the diamond dust
You trail behind


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