Liesmith: Book 1 of The Wyrd – Book Review

Hoo, boy, where do I start with this one? Liesmith: Book 1 of The Wyrd by Alis Franklin

** may contain spoilers**

In the city of Pandemonium, the old gods walk among mortals. Specifically, one old god owns the hippest, hottest tech company and, therefore, the city. Meet Lain, a Norse god who, disguised as human, happens to become enamored with a mortal employed by the company by the name of Sigmund Sussman. Sigmund is, by his own definition, a big dork. He works in the IT department of the company, and has two close friends, Wayne and Em. He falls for Lain─hard─and discovers that he might have bitten off more than he can choke down. Flames, dead gods, realms-pillage, ancient secrets, and kick ass action compliment the adorkable romance between Sigmund and Lain nicely. Even when you think you’ve figured it out, it throws you for a loop.

“Everything is true, especially the lies. That’s the trick.”

Since this is an uncorrected proof, there seems to be a coding issue with a text conversation. Beyond that, the story flowed so smoothly that I hated to have to stop reading for whatever reason. Seriously looking forward to book #2.

Recommended for lovers of: queer (clean) romance, Norse mythology, video-game type action, clever genre/geek references, and the perfect blend of snark and humor.




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