The Book of Life – short review

The Book of Life (All Souls Trilogy, #3)

“The Book of Life” by Deborah Harkness picks up where “Shadow of Night” leaves off. Diana Bishop, pregnant with twins, and her husband, vampire Matthew de Clermont, return from their journey to the 16th century. Aunt Em is dead, and the witch responsible has gone missing. Diana’a secret─that she is a weaver and time walker─is slowly making itself known, as she is forced to reveal it time and time again in order to untangle webs that ensnare those that she loves. Diana is now the blood sworn daughter of the previous family leader, and must prove her worth. He original task of finding the missing pages of Ashmole 782, a mysterious manuscript that is rumored to contain origin stories of vampires, daemons, and the first spells of witches, is once again her focus. Armed with new allies and old friends, some of whom have survived the more than 400 gap in their friendship, the Bishop-Clermont family faces the odds. An even more dangerous enemy threatens them and the babies, and is not afraid of who knows it.

“The Book of Life” had it’s moment of “is this important?” and “this feels so contrived!” yet manages to be a captivating read. It is a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy. Beware: you MUST read the first two books in order to follow the events of this one. Recommended for lovers of: history, supernatural/paranormal, witches, romance, and long books.


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