The Greyfrair (Vampire Empire #1), by Clay and Susan Griffith – review

“The Greyfriar” has an decent, if overused, premise: young, female heir goes on tour, gets attacked and abducted by the enemy, is rescued by a mysterious hero, and falls in love. It has an setting: modern-day steampunk, and the enemies are vampires. 

Princess Adele, her brother, her fiance, most of the people of the “new” empires, Lord Ceasare (a vampire who slaughtered all of Ireland, I think?), and various others come across as one-dimensional, super privileged brats. I spent days struggling to read up to page 137 and feel any sort of sympathy for Adele’s dire plight. Alas, I cannot. This is one book where I desperately want to reach into the pages and knock some people off of their high horses. I cannot, and will not, finish this book or series.


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