Heroes and Demons

Well, summer is (unofficially) over here in the United states. School is back in session. With the nights growing colder, it’s the perfect time to curl up with a book. I’ve been going through my stockpile collection of free downloads and Humble Book Bundle purchases. in them, I have found a few entertaining stories.

I read Along Came A Demon (Whisperings #1) by Linda Welch.

Along Came A Demon (Whisperings, #1)

*Free download from Nook*

Tiffany sees the spirits of people who died violent deaths, such as murders, and uses that skill to consult for the police. When a naked, dripping wet woman appears in her yard, Tiffany naturally goes to investigate. She sees a faster than human blur instead of the face of the woman’s killer. A demon. On the hunt for demons and a missing little boy with her trusty Ruger pistol, Tiffany finds herself hunted, seduced, and dragged into the depths of the Otherworld and its inhabitants. Something slightly different than the usual paranormal clichès, though it does have (many) clichè moments. And, of course, the instant attraction to the “forbidden” and the requisite sex scene between impossibly beautiful person and heroine. A few typos. Generally an enjoyable, though quick (177 pages, of which, 165 or so were actually devoted to the story, according to my Nook app) read. 3.6 stars.

Then, going through several other downloads and purchases, I settled on reading A Hero at the End of the World by Erin Claiborne. After looking at the cover (illustrations were done by Jade Liebes and synopsis several times, I figured, what could it hurt?

A Hero at the End of the World

*Acquired via Humble Bundle*

Ewan Mao spent 16 years of his life with a prophecy hanging over his head: on his 17th birthday, he would slay Duff Slan and save the world. Sounds good in theory, but what happens when his best friend, Oliver Abrams, gets there first?

A handful of years later, Oliver is a respected magical crimes investigator, and Ewan works as a barista in a coffee shop on obscurity. Ewan is approached by a magical society and told that he can reclaim his life. Oliver, forever the hero, sets out to investigate it, and this begins the end of the world.

Clever dialogue, fast-paced plot, and a bit of romance round out this story. I rather enjoyed myself. Solid 4 star rating. Bonus points for the 2 main characters being men of color (Oliver is described as brown, and could be inferred to be Black. Ewan Mao is described as Asian, and is inferred to be Chinese due to dialogue and backstory, which I won’t spoil) AND for one of them being gay.

I happily continued on my fantasy-finding mission, and choose to read The Way Into Chaos (The Great Way #1) by Harry Connolly.

The Way Into Chaos (The Great Way #1)

**Acquired via humble Bundle**

The fading, respected soldier. The crown Prince who seems to be unfit to rule. The band of loyal, trustworthy friends who are also hostages, as they are the children of traitors. The young betrothed from another kingdom, to be married to the prince to an alliance. Magic.

At the beginning of a festival, a portal opens. Instead of the expected, honored guests, beasts pour out and attack. A small group lead by the soldier and the prince manage to escape. Death, destruction, and betrayal await them. Typical of epic fantasy but still enjoyable. 3.5 stars, with plans to read the rest of the trilogy as the ending is a major cliffhanger.

So grab some tea, a blanket, and a book…because Sumayyah Said So!



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