Clay (poem)

requiem for the living
healing for the dead
in honored memory of the self inside my head
black & red w/ a splash of white
burning candles at the crossroad
ankh on my shoulder
wooden beads on the locs that caress my back
traded my halo for a hollow stone
inscribed with the word “home”
mourning the ancestors i’ve never known
invisible jar full of wishes all covered in dust
spirit glasses full of water
wrist wrapped in a leather cuff
lights & lives flashing before me
around me
stalking me
preying on me
is anybody listening
or receiving the messages i send in code
cracks in the barriers
let the river flow in
which book is the good one
which book is just pretend
when my breath is gone set me ablaze in the night
underneath the full moon that birthed me in its light
 Sumayyah Talibah 24 April 2016


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