Bitter Season – poem (#21)

bitter season

baby doll
ay girl
too good to speak to you
to uppity to give you time
yeah, that’s why i need a man like you
to keep me in line
cuz if i was yo’ woman
you sagely say
i wouldn’t be out here
shakin’ my ass
for people like you to see
beautiful queen
calls you to me
while you sniff the sweetness
between my thighs
demandin’ entry to my sacred place and space
while enticin’ me with lies and bait
and when i choose to not stop and wait
i see the anger in your eyes
and how your hands flex and curl into fists
the better to teach me
how to respect you with
the gun in your waistband
is all chrome and shine
i tremble in your presence
dread being labeled “mine”
gave you a fake number
you called it on the spot
i said my phone’s at home and sorry
i was not
your boys cheered you on
my girls urged me to flee
you’re the reason why
the bathroom posse numbers three
i’m ugly
and fat
with a body full of faults
you were tryna be nice
but now it’s my loss
i should be grateful
you yell
as you reach for my throat
and i cry and i pray
and away my mind floats

Sumayyah Talibah © 21 April 2017


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