Criminal Behavior – poem (#27)

criminal behavior

dereliction of intimacy
deflection of responsibility
inability to uplift or promote increased visibility
or simply to just let me live
indicted on these counts
found guilty by all my peers
run away into hiding
don’t even start with gaslighting
you’re wrong
you know damn well you’re wrong
blaming your miseducation
on emasculation
demanding a queen
as another name for maid
serve you my refusal to play in this game
you don’t have to pick me
won’t bow to your whims
devalued by proximity to you and your friends
no space in this incarnation for you
so tired of the lies
that spill forth from your lips
the vitriol that flows from your keys
did everything you wanted
it’s still not enough
won’t bother anymore with your filth

Sumayyah Talibah © 27 April 2017


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