Deluded – poem (#18)


i blame her
blamin’ you means i’d have to blame me
for mistakin’ this discontentment
for tranquility
and pretendin’ i ain’t never failed
at lovin’ anythin’
within or outside of me
what we got is solid
i can’t be the problem
there ain’t nuthin’ wrong wit me
so it must have been seduction
that lead you to apostasy
you weak to them hips
when she flung ‘em
always in your face
struttin’ ’round like she owned the place
you couldn’t resist
you’re only human after all
she’s a demon
and i’mma be her exorcist
becuz there’s no way that i lost control
you’d never treat me the way
you treated all of them
becuz i’m betta
and that’s why i hafta win
rip through anythin’ that gets in my path
i gotta lock you down
so yo’ wanderin’ come to an end
becuz i don’t know who i am

Sumayyah Talibah © 18 April 2017


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