Fall – poem (#4)


what’s the matter chile
you done lost your smile
is it ‘cuz i’m laughin’ ‘stead of you in this situation
put yo’ trust in an abomination who
told you what the plan was
never considered that it would happen to you
s’posed to be protected by the virtue of matchin’ in the mirror
glass walls & steel doors
you know you sound a little bitter when you speak on the cracked floors
foundation heavin’ & spittin’ fire where it’s tread on
we ain’t never finished ‘cuz you ain’t never gon’ learn
bar & stars & pale house all gonna burn
it’s comin’ down
as history foretold
ev’rything gotta end so it’s time to be over
borders gonna rupture & walls gonna fall
it’s comin’ down

Sumayyah Talibah © 4 April 2017


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