Fatally Yours – poem (#13)

fatally yours

you know you put me in a bind
askin’ me to speak my mind
you know you put me on the spot
when you expect me tell you
every secret i’m holdin’
hidden away in my soul
i cannot comply
there is nothin’ i can share with you

and here comes your anger
i feel i’m danger
backed against the wall
with nowhere to run
you cut off my escape routes
locked me down in this hell
you never marked up my flesh
but i got wounds to spare

i’ve bound up
all the good parts of me
placed them where you can never reach
i’m an empty cup
nothin’ left to pour but memory
these walls i built you’ll never breach

used to think i deserved
your disdain and violent words
raised to bow my head and thank you
for the scraps on the table
leftovers from your other home
i get quizzed
about the bags i never packed
but they don’t know
about this life that i’ve earned
‘til death do us part
is written in my heart


Sumayyah Talibah © 13 April 2017


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