Finally – poem (#30)


at last
the end of the road
has presented itself to me giftwrapped
my prize for going on
but now
the finish line has been crossed over
the applause has died away
i can leave the path
on which i fought and bled
to forge another way home
to the place where my heart resides
and my love was grown through will alone
the persona painted over me gets washed away
and all i am gets left behind alone
the time has come
to unravel the fabrications
of the webs of false relations
tear asunder what remains
to appear before jury and judge
unfettered unashamed
no lights to shine upon me
no more flashes in the dark
the final notes have faded
reverberations have stopped
peace is veiling me and rest is mine to claim
battle stations have been long abandoned
and victory is named
at last

Sumayyah Talibah © 30 April 2017


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