Restricted – poem (#10)


turn the cheek
be the change
take the road most high & never gain
an inch or mile or square foot of space
to rage & cry but fix your face
don’t frown don’t pout don’t suck your teeth
be polite be fair & never sleep
don’t be needy don’t be poor
& never ever lock your door
you must have done something
just obey the laws
don’t step out of line
to trumpet your cause
that king we slew
what would he say
if he saw you block & protest & act this way
free speech for everyone
(but not for you)
land of the free
(but watch what you do)
don’t fuss don’t fight don’t kill don’t steal
we promise to incarcerate & fire at will
be humble & grateful
that this is your home
ignore the blood spatters & roads paved with bone

Sumayyah Talibah © 10 April 2017


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