Shoot the Messenger – poem (#1)

shoot the messenger

hate to tell you that your time’s been awasted
hate to give you the news you can’t use
but since i’m nobody hailin’ from nowhere
i just thought i’d stop in and stay a while
pick your brain about inconsequential things
dig up them buried bitter memories
and drink until the well runs dry
who the hell am i
i’m everything you made me
dressed in nothin’ but hundreds of the scars
i feel elation at discombobulation
i’m gleefully ashamed
i’m the cracked and peeling paint on the mask you claim
day in and out
when you swallow your pride and your pain
and your emotions slice you up on the inside
hate to be the bearer of this tale
hate to be the one to ring the bell and sound the alarm
hate to be the one to bring you to harm

Sumayyah Talibah © 01 April 2017


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