I started my creative life in the first grade, circa 1986, by declaring that I wanted to be an “author”. (I had no idea the word “novelist” existed back then.) I wrote my first “book” at age 8. In the next couple of years, I would “discover” poetry, thanks to a slim volume that belonged to my father, titled “American Negro Poetry”. I flipped through the book, and said, “I can do that, too.”  

A few years ago, some friends got me started making jewelry. What started with a necklace or earrings here and there turned into wire wrapping and a few other things.

I started drawing last year, in November, 2017. My oldest offspring needed help with an art project, so I made a quick sketch for him. One thing lead to another, some friends collaborated against me and conspired to send me art supplies and well, here I am.


Pictured: (top) the original note contained with the supplies; (left) the 3rd sketch I ever made dated 18 Nov 2017; (right) the latest sketch I made, dated 17 Aug 2018.

I’ll be adding a gallery soon, so stay alert for an announcement about that.

Until then, go read a book, or something…because Sumayyah Said So.


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