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Well, hello there. It has been a minute since I posted something other than a poem or listed a jewelry item for sale in the shop.

New items have just been listed in the shop, such as these bone & wood earrings.

Additionally, I have continued to upgrade my drawing skills. I share them on Steemit and Instagram most often. Today, I do one of those “draw it again” challenges, where I attempted to draw the same picture a year (and 2 days) later.

I have also joined another blockchain/blogging for cryptocurrency website. I posted a new poem titled “Dispute” there today.

I am not, however, going to mention the share quantity of books I have amassed since the last time I did a book review. I will, however, say that when I manage to finish a book, I’m still posting my feelings about it over on Goodreads.

So, stay tuned for more jewelry, more art, more of everything in general. Go and DO something…because Sumayyah Said So.


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