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hater – the video

hater - the video

i offer my apologies to those i will offend by saying that i hate the way your labels make me feel constricted and confused body alienated from my mind what if this world was run by me and you were the unwanted kind?

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mirror, mirror – the video

mirror, mirror - the video

dear mirror myself you owe me i paid my dues in blood where’s my change? you showed me things that were not real to see your lies wounded me whipping against my skin drawing thin welts of red used me abused me confused me mentally

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luvoholic – the video

luvoholic - the video

Something fun! Kind of.. you know i tried my hand at love and came away with ragged nails torn and bloody fingertips and open cuts crisscrossing my palms my reward for trying to hold something that fought to be released

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The Unknown – the video

The Unknown - the video

what you don’t know about me will contribute to your failure to surpass me such history that you refuse to see that directs my steps toward victory continuously underestimating me attributing my dreams to simple lunacy

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pusher-man (the video)

pusher-man (the video)

you wanna be my pusher, man? get me hooked on that sh.t have me searchin’ the streets diggin’ underneath rocks and trash peeping in windows playin’ stick up games while i’m ridin’ that train feelin’ high feelin’ high struck with a sickness only you can cure

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villain – the video

villain - the video

it’s a sin and a shame how you mistreated me trampled on my innocence buried my hopes and dreams alive with no chance of surviving this harsh climate of suppression forcing me to swallow my anger my mistrust my complaints go unheard because under the weight i’m suffocating

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dirty little secret – the video

dirty little secret - the video

lost my pristine wings when grace was rescinded there’s no mercy for the likes of me made to wander as a flightless bird cursed and marked blessed and clean i live among The Fallen and rest among The Meek hoping to inherit the Earth cross and crescent burned into...

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