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The Greyfrair (Vampire Empire #1), by Clay and Susan Griffith – review

“The Greyfriar” has an decent, if overused, premise: young, female heir goes on tour, gets attacked and abducted by the enemy, is rescued by a mysterious hero, and falls in love. It has an setting: modern-day steampunk, and the enemies are vampires. Princess Adele, her brother, her fiance, most of...

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Another Review of My Zine

Another Review of My Zine

The things you find when you Google yourself, I swear! I happened across a blog post/review of …because Sumayyah Said So over on a blog titled Your Kung Fu Sucks!. The author came across the online link to my first zine on We Make Zines and took a peek....

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Manjani – a review

Manjani - a review

Revolutionary. Trouble maker. Confident. Obnoxious. Informed. Misguided. Enlightened. Shadowed. “Manjani Jackson is a mouthy New York teenager who believes her life purpose is to lead her ‘deaf, dumb, and blind’ brothers and sistahs into The Revolution.” Freedom Speaks Diaspora has written a novel about what it does – and...

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