What To Read

By popular demand, here is the complete list of short stories and plays (and the links to the first pages of them all) written by ME. If you haven’t read them, or it’s been a while since you have read them, GO READ THEM NOW. Why? ..because Sumayyah Said So, of course.

net.work complete

What happens when you go home, and discover an empty building full of.. computerized voices? Go read and find out!

Somewhere to Belong complete

Have you ever felt like an alien? Shiki feels that way, every day of her life. And here’s why!

HARTbreak complete

Do robots have feelings? Let’s find out in this story.

Prey To Lose complete

When monster hunters Mae and Sugar Dayton accept their newest assignment looking for the Fire Wielder, they get much more than they ever bargained for. Join them on their adventure.

Win To Prey complete

Remember Mae and Sugar Dayton? Their adventure isn’t quite finished. See the ending that you never expected in this sequel to Prey To Lose.

Reckoning complete

Nzinga Black, a self-identified “punkemogothchick” and high school student, has a dangerous secret. Find out what it is right now!

Undressed complete

If your clothes could talk, what would they say about you? This short, one act play could have the answer you never wanted to know.

HART of Darkness complete

She’s cold, calculating, and vengeful. But will her mission succeed?

BEWARE complete

Is Xia a threat to her people, or just a pawn in The Other’s game? Find out now!

Born Under a Bad Sign  complete

Layla hates everything and, apparently, the feeling is mutual. Not your typical battle between good and evil.

Spellbound  HIATUS! Apologies and stuff.

Being a Master Spellcrafter isn’t easy…when you’re dead. Join Kiera on her journey that spans two realms, two apprentices, a meddling mother, and people who want her soul.


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